October 22, 2012

Keep Dreaming

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My faith does not allow me to practice astrology, numerology and all the other New Age stuff to determine my fate because God Has Made it clear in His Word what the fate of the saints are. However, I do believe that when Our Father Wants To Talk to His Children, He Will do it whenever and however He Wants as His Word Has Shown. If anyone is offended, I will quickly delete it.

I wasn’t going. I just couldn’t.   The low funds in my account meant no fun with the girls after work.

Being a single mom with a single income can make you feel single in more ways than one.

So instead of laughing it up with the girls tonight, I was laying down to sleep.

But God Wouldn’t Let the matter rest.

After dozing off, I started dreaming.

No longer stretched out in bed, but in a stretch limo!  Instead of reveling in the company of the girls from work, I was surrounded by the company of men – from the mob!  (Hey, I told you it was a dream.)

Instead of fearing for my life, I was loudly proclaiming the fear of my financial insecurity.

One of the men sitting up front said, “Is that your only problem? Here, this should help,” handing me 2 crisp $100 bills.

For obvious reasons, I declined.

I was then surrounded by laughter, again not from the girls, but from a group of mob men finding it hilarious that any woman would turn down a double date with 2 Benjamins.

Once the laughter subsided, the limo came to an abrupt stop and I was shown the car door.  The mob was no longer entertained.

Instead of the 2 bills, I was now holding onto 2 balloons. As the number of hairs on my head, God Is Aware of my bigger than life phobia of balloons. (I actually felt heart palpitations when I saw the above photo.)

My dream was quickly turning into a nightmare.

My feet were now off the ground as the balloons started soaring into the sky. I tried to release one of the balloons to cushion my landing, but I couldn’t let it go.

I panicked and started clawing at the balloons to pop them (the source of my fear) hoping that I was still low enough to tumble down.

They wouldn’t pop.

Realizing it was futile to panic, I started praying, as I ascended higher and higher into the sky.

They popped.

I landed safely.

I woke up and realized everything was going to be alright.


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