July 25, 2011

Are We All Slackers?

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While I was at work today, I realized I spent a lot of time on this site, and was wondering how I would personally rate myself as an employee. I know in an interview, I would say I am a motivated hard-worker, but after assessing my performance today, is that really true? Do I have more days like this than I realize?
By the amount of updates during the standard working hours, I know I can’t be the only one. Why do we have the deserve mentality that we command top dollar and great benefits when we are basically just slacking off?
My work office doubles into my home office as I make personal calls, pay my bills, plan social outings, and coordinate events away from work. It’s nice that technology has stream lined my workload such that I have time to focus on other things besides work at work.
Hopefully, I am just having one of those days at work, and not one of those tenures.

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