March 4, 2013

Seeing Halos

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My daughter is a part-time angel who’s off on weekends.


October 31, 2012

Don’t Stop Chasing Rainbows

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While I was running errands, my daughter asked me a random question.

“Mama, can I see a rainbow heart?”

“No,” I said not because I was in a sore mood, but because I didn’t know what a rainbow heart was.

“Please mommy, can you show me a rainbow heart on the computer?” whimsically mixing technology with fantasy.

“We’ll see.”(if she’s forgotten about it by the time we’ve made it home.)

She didn’t.

After an image search, she was amazed and I dumbawestruck at the various rainbow hearts on the screen.

When I was her age, I futilely looked for the end of rainbows before abandoning my search for the elusive pot of gold.

However, my young daughter was freely seeking a heart full of the multi-colored banners.

While her search ended when she found a rainbow, my search would just begin as I overlooked countless others for something that didn’t exist.

Based on Our Father’s Covenant(Genesis 9:13-17), how could she know that she was literally searching for a heart filled with love – and find it?


September 12, 2012

When Push Comes to Shove

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She had every reason to be confused, even hurt.  My daughter wasn’t doing anything wrong. She hadn’t pitched a fit or thrown a tantrum.  She was actually behaving extremely well. But I could tell by her eyes  what her mouth hadn’t formed the words to say, Why did I push her?

Shoved more like it, when she didn’t do anything to deserve it. No explanation, no warning, just a push causing her to stumble forward.

No, I hadn’t blown my top, I wasn’t in a hurry, so why did I seemingly punish her with no provocation, her eyes kept asking me.

To protect her.

One thing I do know about my daughter is her irrational fear of bugs and all things creepy crawly. One thing she was not aware of, was that there was a huge one on the other side of the door big enough to induce shock.

Since I was ahead of her, I was aware of the critter that would have frozen my daughter in her tracks preventing her from taking another step. So I gave her a swift push.

Though she stumbled, she landed safely. It was at the safety of our vehicle that I addressed the confusion in her eyes and tended to her bruised  – ego.

While not getting too descriptive, I informed her of the bug that was now behind her, and she then understood that the push was to protect her.

July 26, 2012

I Hate Traffic

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Car stuck in rush-hour traffic?

A child is suffering in human trafficking.




July 24, 2012

Her Two Cents

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It was that time in church again- the part of the service where we are expected to give after hopefully getting something out of the sermon.

“Give what you have purposed in your heart to give,” reminded the deacon in his weekly recital of 2 Corinthians 9:7.

Today, after another weekly ritual of paying bills, I made a purpose to give $2.

As the collection plate came around, I purposefully put my $2 into it.

However, God Had another purpose.  After the sermon, He Continued To Teach me a lesson about giving.

Immediately after I put in my two bucks, my pre-schooler decided to add her two cents, by dipping her hand into my still open purse. She pulled out the first bill she saw out of her sudden “handbag,” and put it into the collection plate as well.

She looked at me happy that she was able to participate in the service, and proud that she remembered to share.

I looked at the collection plate resisting the urge to swipe it back.

That is because the first bill she saw was a $20 bill – ten times more than my original purpose.

My pre-schooler didn’t yet know the difference between monetary denominations, but regardless of my religious denomination, I was still expected to give.

I am aware of the controversy on the church’s position and teachings on giving and its accusations of “fleecing the sheep.”

Despite the arguments for and against, you can’t argue with God’s Word.

`And to everyone who is asking of thee, be giving; and from him who is taking away thy goods, be not asking again’ Luke 6:30.

So glad I didn’t dip my hand back into the collection plate.

We worship a God Who Tells us to give to even our enemies to fulfill God’s True Purpose.

`Give, and it shall be given to you; good measure, pressed, and shaken, and running over, they shall give into your bosom; for with that measure with which ye measure, it shall be measured to you again.’ Luke 6:38

I left church with my purse a little lighter, but my heart a lot fuller, because I was happy and proud too.

May 17, 2011

Can Chuck E. Have Kids Cheesing All the Way to the Casino?

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I just read an article that a mother is suing Chuck E. Cheese for $5 million because she believes that the company replaced many of their arcades with casino-inspired games that could potentially lead children to have gambling addictions later in life. 

If you’ve been to Chuck E. Cheese lately, you can’t deny that most of the games do look eerily similar to miniature gaming devices. However, I think the games speak volumes of the inspiration of the game designers in their free time and how their jobs got easier designing the gaming replicas.

The games have been ergonomically re-designed to entertain our fat, lazy kids without requiring much effort.  I remember when Chuck E. Cheese was Showbiz, there were a lot more interactive games that required the player to do more than spin a wheel or pull a lever.  Even if it was just running from that scary gorilla!  Now the only object of most of the games I see on the floor merely involve touching screens or lots of wrist flicking with the spin the wheel and slot machines.  Instead of suing, maybe the mother can reach a settlement that requires Chuck E. Cheese to include a disclaimer on their games that reads: “excessive playing could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, and if you’re really weak-minded, a destructive gambling habit later in life.”

April 26, 2011

Need to PP?

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Now that Easter has passed, this holiday was a reminder to not let my parental duties cloud my paternal instincts.  I told myself I wouldn’t do it.  I refused to take any part of it – the marketing hype of the holiday.  But no one told me that the peer pressure of the teens grows into parental pressure as an adult.  I don’t have to look good…but my child does and that makes me look good.  That darn vicious circle of life.  I wanted my daughter to look the best…ever…

It started off innocently enough.  I was in the mall all holiday weekend – walking for my health however, not in haste as a last minute shopper scavenger gleaning the racks for what was left or picked over. But then it hit me.

My daughter is going to be around kids in church and playing with kids after church all Easter daylong in their Sunday and playtime best.  I want her to look the best in the front pew of the church and in the front yard.  So that Saturday, after Good Friday, and before Sunrise Service, I skipped the mall walk and ran from store to store as yet another dangerous shopper scavenger.  (If we were on the endangered list, the world would be a better place). I was flooded with adrenaline that morning as I had time to beat.  That afternoon, I was filled with depression as now time was beating the hope out of me. Acceptance set in for a while as I realized I may not find THE DRESS and we may have to glean the racks of her closet sifting through outgrown clothes like weeds.  My gas tank was now half full and the clothes racks were now half empty. But then –  joy came that evening when I found the cutest little dress in her size! 

My daughter, a tot, had been in tow throughout the entire shopping/scavenging experience – my babysitter is a shopper scavenger too (speaking of that endangered list, better place idea).  She was tired and hungry for food that she could eat in a chair and not in her carseat by the time we found THE ONE.  She no doubt has it drilled in her mind that this is how we’re supposed to shop, so I may have created another shoppper scavenger generation as she now has step by step instructions.

Easter morning, my daughter announces that she’s sick.  Oh well, maybe this new dress will make you feel better, I think.  Instead of standing in the mirror, she goes and lies down.  I’m annoyed because she just wrinkled her dress.  We make it to church.  We had to move from one of the front pews to the back out of sight because she was whining that she was uncomfortable.  Who’s going to see her dress?  Didn’t she get the memo that kids are to be seen and not heard?

We finally make it home.  I grab my phone for pictures to mass broadcast to the family, but she’s not interested in posing in her new dress because a few minutes later, she was puking all over it.  I had no idea she was really sick!  Well, at least the dress is washable.

Had I not turned from a parent to a scavenger, I would have put her to bed that morning instead of becoming a child exploiter in in church in front of God and my pastor.  She’s fine now, but it took a clothes washing and a furniture scrubbing to be reminded that holidays are just another day of the week.

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