May 17, 2011

Can Chuck E. Have Kids Cheesing All the Way to the Casino?

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I just read an article that a mother is suing Chuck E. Cheese for $5 million because she believes that the company replaced many of their arcades with casino-inspired games that could potentially lead children to have gambling addictions later in life. 

If you’ve been to Chuck E. Cheese lately, you can’t deny that most of the games do look eerily similar to miniature gaming devices. However, I think the games speak volumes of the inspiration of the game designers in their free time and how their jobs got easier designing the gaming replicas.

The games have been ergonomically re-designed to entertain our fat, lazy kids without requiring much effort.  I remember when Chuck E. Cheese was Showbiz, there were a lot more interactive games that required the player to do more than spin a wheel or pull a lever.  Even if it was just running from that scary gorilla!  Now the only object of most of the games I see on the floor merely involve touching screens or lots of wrist flicking with the spin the wheel and slot machines.  Instead of suing, maybe the mother can reach a settlement that requires Chuck E. Cheese to include a disclaimer on their games that reads: “excessive playing could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, and if you’re really weak-minded, a destructive gambling habit later in life.”

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