July 18, 2011

Green Water Bottles a Nuissance

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The green leafy label on my water bottle indicates that my bottled water has now gone green. Don’t get me wrong, I am just as eco-friendly as the next person, but the 50% less packaging has turned my water bottle into a squeezy.
Squeezies are usually used to relieve stress. However, when taking the first sip of my ice cold beverage, it’s stressful to be covered in a lap full of ice cold water or nearly drown because the pressure I would normally apply to lift my drink is now creating a glacier cold eruption up my nostrils.
I understand the concept of going green is to conserve and reduce waste, but as a daily bottled water drinker, I’m not sure how much of the earth’s depleting drinkable water has been wasted in my lap, my desk, or sinus cavity.
The flimsy plastic bottles have suddenly given me a super human grip which I hope won’t be to my watered-down demise.

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