May 6, 2014

Things Aren’t What They Seem

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Turning from a busy street, I took what’s usually a shortcut home until I pulled behind a vehicle driving what seemed like 10 miles under the speed limit.

My frustration grew as we creeped along each block as if in a caravan of a funeral procession instead of my skip and a hop home.

We were driving so slowly that for the first time, I noticed the neighborhood signs that read, “Drive Slowly, We Love Our Children.

I love my child too which is why she is safely buckled in the backseat.

My exasperation had simultaneously reached its breaking point as I braked for the 4-way stop ahead.

Judging from our Sunday drive in the middle of a Monday commute, I anticipated sitting at the 4-way for at least five minutes as the car ahead decided who had the right-of-way.

 That’s when I noticed a group of patrol officers on foot with speedometers in hand.

 They used their other hand to flag down speeding vehicles as they approached the intersection to issue citations.

 Until that point, I felt impatient and trapped at what appeared to be an obstacle preventing me from moving forward as quickly as I hoped.

As I passed the officers in relief (at not citing me for following too close), I reflected on the news I received at work that had me in such a rush to get home.

 I didn’t get the promotion.

I may not have gotten the promotion as quickly as I hoped, but soon my disappointment will dissipate as I realize I don’t know what lies ahead.

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